Sunday, July 8, 2007

Best of Two Worlds

Word count 2,184.
Added 826.


Corie said...

alrighty then - so apparently you just needed a framework, and you'll start nanoing?

if you finish this before Nov, what are you going to do for Nano?

Celestina said...

Maybe I'll do a countdown for nano. I believe Jim is suggesting I eliminate my prologue :(

It's all in my head, so I keep thinking I can't do it, but once I start it goes pretty fast.

The question is whether it works :$

Celestina said...

I mean... the story (the novel) is all in my head.

Corie said...

I just think it would be fun to figure out how many days until nano, and how many words a day you'd need to write to have 50,000 done before nov

and I'm totally jealous of you having the story in your head!

Celestina said...

I'm extremely curious... how does it work for you then, if the story is not already in your head??

Celestina said...

Oh, btw, it's approx 115 until nano, and if I do an average of 500 words/day I will have 57,500 words by nano. I had already done the numbers :)